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Procurement with purpose


We procure with purpose by creating ethical, sustainable and collaborative relationships with our suppliers

Our Global Procurement function purpose consists of driving sourcing excellence in partnership with the business, while maintaining superior product/service quality and ensuring a stable, ethic and sustainable supply chain. We truly believe that collaborative relationships with our suppliers can lead to identifying innovative new approaches that can help to achieve our mutual success.

Shared Values and Responsibility

Our Suppliers' Code of Conduct

Our ability to find the right partners aligned with our values and commitments to the health community, contributes to the sucess of our business. Suppliers must agree to the standards defined in the Almirall Suppliers’ Code of Conduct as it is an important element in the assessment and selection of new suppliers.

How to become an Almirall supplier?

In order to become an Almirall Supplier you will follow a two-step verification process in our eportal, a cloud-base procurement platform (provided by SAP Ariba). This process entails a registration and a qualification, whereby several departments will process and assess the information provided by you.

  • 1. Registration

    You can be invited by Almirall to start the registration, or you can proactively request to be part of our network at any time by completing a pre-registration form. During the registration phase you will be requested to provide basic information on your organization.

  • 2. Qualification

    Once registered you will be requested to furnish more specific details, information and documentation depending on the specific category of services or goods that you provide, and the territory where you operate from. Qualification is mandatory to start transacting with Almirall.

  • 3. Qualified supplier

    You are ready to transact with us!

Are you already a supplier?

If you are already an Almirall supplier, you might be interested in learning how to interact with us in terms of maintaining your data and information up-to-date, participating in sourcing and negotiation events, invoicing, and accreditation of your employees if you are providing services on-site.

Working with us.


eportal is the space where you can access and maintain your information updated. You can also participate in sourcing and contract negotiations events to which you might be invited by Almirall, from time to time.

Manage your data and access to sourcing and negotiation events.

Download our guidance "How to respond a sourcing event" and "How to respond a contract negotiation event".



ebuy is the space where you can access and manage your invoices and related purchase orders (POs).

Manage your invoices and POs

Click here to access the tutorial for suppliers or download the supplier help and FAQs document.


DAT (external staff validation system)

Suppliers whose employees require Almirall unescorted site access for prolonged periods are required to be on-boarded through our external staff validation system (DAT).

Access to DAT to certify your staff to provide services on-site.


What we expect from our suppliers?

  • Give truthful, complete and accurate information during the bidding and registration process, as well as during the whole business relationship.
  • Accept to abide by the Almirall Suppliers’ Code of Conduct and communicate it to their sub-contractors, informing Almirall in any case of non-compliance.
  • Meet contractual commitments and ensure that the subcontractors that may be involved in the provision or services or goods also do so.
  • Allow Almirall to monitor contract compliance, to audit risks associated to the category of services or goods furnished and put in place the proper corrective action plans.
  • Promptly inform about any incidence that may adversely affect the provision of goods or services, being proactive to bring solutions.


Yes, you can proactively request to be part of our network by filling out the pre-registration form and providing basic details about your organization. Your request will be assessed by the Lead Buyer who manages the relevant category of services or goods within Almirall.

During the registration and qualification process you will be requested to provide information on your company, as well as responses and related documentation to some questionnaires which might vary depending on the services or goods to be provided to Almirall. After you submit your responses, several Almirall departments will verify them for qualification purposes. Click here to learn more.

If you have received an invitation to participate in a sourcing event and you do not have a SAP Ariba Network account, you will need to create one (otherwise you should use your company's existing account). Check our guidance on "How to respond a sourcing event" for more details. You need to know that, in order to be awarded a project, you must complete the two-step validation process.

With the exception of certain Almirall affiliates (*), you will be required to register in SAP Ariba in order to transact with Almirall. SAP Ariba is a hosted service that enables suppliers and buyers to form relationships and conduct transactions online. Before creating an Ariba account as supplier, check if your organization is already registered to avoid duplication of Ariba Network ID's account (ANIDs). When creating an Ariba Network account, use your corporate email address. Download the supplier help and FAQs document to learn more.

(*) Portugal, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium and France.

Suppliers can use Ariba Network for free with a Standard account, which allows suppliers to transact (receive purchase orders, send invoices back, etc.).

For advanced functionalities, suppliers can register an Enterprise account with different subscription levels: Premium, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The subscription level is aligned with the financial volume and number of documents they transact as well as their technology usage. To understand how fees are calculated, please visit the subscription and pricing page.

Almirall does not require their suppliers to subscribe to an Enterprise account. Choosing to do so is up to the supplier’s preference, depending on your company needs and transaction volume.

You can access eportal to update your company details and the documentation provided at any time. You are the owner of your information!

Generally, Almirall follow a "No PO, No Pay Policy". This means that you need a valid PO number to be able to invoice Almirall. Once we have confirmed that the services have been performed or the goods have been received, your billing option will be enabled in ebuy. Click here to access the tutorial for suppliers or download the supplier help and FAQs document, where the invoicing process is further explained.

Generally, our payment term is 60 days, from invoice date.

Any supplier can become a preferred supplier as long as it has been selected or endorsed by the Global Procurement team for a particular spend category. There may be more than one preferred supplier per spend category.

Almirall reserves the right to propose the terms and conditions under which services / goods might be provided. Depending on the different spend category and affiliate involved, the terms and conditions might vary.

Yes, as an ethical and sustainable company, we are going paperless and we have implemented DocuSign as our tool for esignature of contracts with suppliers managed by the Global Procurement team. You can check www.docusign.com to learn more about the signature process and the legal / security framework of this solution in your jurisdiction.

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