Building trusted partnerships to progress innovation

What are we looking for?

To bring new medicines to patients that significantly improve upon currently available treatments in medical dermatology.
To find the right innovation to address all patients’ unmet needs.
To collaborate with Academics, Institutions, Biotech and Pharma companies in all stages of clinical development.

Why partner with us? 

  1. We are leaders in Dermatology
  2. We have a proven successful track record thanks to creative and flexible deal structures with partners

  3. We offer robust scientific expertise and capabilities in advancing research and developing drugs globally 

  4. We possess strong commercial capabilities in US & Europe for bringing innovative products to cover patient needs

"Almirall is fully dedicated to bringing innovation to the field of dermatology. Their focus on a single therapeutic area combined with their commitment to innovative scientific ideas, made them an ideal partner for Bioniz. Furthermore, Almirall has presence in major international markets that will support a successful commercial launch of our drug once it got marketing approval. Partnering with Almirall will help us realize our goal of providing access to BNZ-1 for patients in need in a global scale."

Nazli Azimi, Pharm.D.
Ph.D. Founder and CEO Bioniz Therapeutics, Inc.



“Almirall is an innovativeleader in the dermatology space, so a clear collaborator of choice to develop andcommercialize 23andMe's early stage asset.The Almirall team were a delight to work with: professional, timely,and above all willing to work collaboratively to reach a mutually beneficial deal.”



Debbie Alexander, DPhil
Director of Business Development, 23andMe, Inc.

Recent Collaborations in Medical Dermatology

We leverage and complement our own Research and Development skills by working closely with a wide network of partners and collaborators.

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