Actions and initiatives by Almirall in response to the COVID-19 crisis

Despite the present situation caused by the spread of COVID-19, Almirall has secured the production of all essential drugs to guarantee the wellbeing of patients.

Almirall offers the scientific community its sanitary material, resources and equipment to help overcome the crisis and protect public health.

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In these exceptional times of extreme uncertainty, Almirall is continuing its activities for the health of patients and is joining the fight to provide a global unified response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have also implemented an action plan valued at more than €400,000 that includes a wide range of measures to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, mitigate its adverse effects and provide healthcare professionals with the right tools.

Almirall has launched several initiatives all over the world, which we wish to share with the community.

  • Donation of more than 112,000 units of Blastoactiva and Balneum topical creams to several hospitals in Spain, the United Kingdom, Poland and Germany to help health professionals treat dry and sore skin due to the prolonged use of masks and goggles, and repeated hand washing and disinfection.
  • Financial contribution of €50,000 and sponsorship of the initiative headed by The Leitat Technological Center to design and develop the first industrialisable and reusable 3D printed ventilator. Authorised by the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Products (AEMPS), it will help alleviate and support the work carried out by hospitals, especially ICU’s.
  • Financial grants for several hospitals in Italy, Spain and Portugal in order to provide health professionals with much needed supplies and equipment.
  • Donation of more than 30,000 units of personal protective equipment – including protective breathing masks, gloves, goggles and Tyvek coveralls – to several hospitals, health centres and institutions in Barcelona and its surroundings.
  • Financial contribution of €10,000 to fund the creation of a field hospital in Sant Andreu de la Barca (Barcelona) to attend to COVID-19 patients.
  • Partial repurposing of the facilities of our production plant in Reinbek (Germany) to manufacture 10,000 dispensers of hand sanitising gel, which will be delivered to hospitals and health centres in Germany and Portugal.
  • Provision of more than 200 laboratory equipment units and protective material to Spanish health authorities and research centres.

At Almirall we would like to express our solidarity, responsibility and commitment to all professionals who are fighting day after day to stop the spread of the pandemic.

We are taking an active part in this fight and using our resources to facilitate the work of all the members of the community: it is our privilege to help and we will continue to do so until COVID-19 relents.